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Boa Vista Serviços is the second largest credit bureau in Brazil, serving over 1.2 million direct and indirect customers and running over 7 million credit inquiries per day. Boa Vista has a database built on a national network of hundreds of organizations representing the Brazilian retail market, providing instant and reliable support for companies in all stages of the business cycle. As part of TMG II Private Equity Fund and Credibureau´s investment, Boa Vista was created as a new company in 2010 through the demutualization of the Serviço Central de Proteção ao Crédito (SCPC), a division of the Associação Comercial de São Paulo (ACSP or “Commercial Association of São Paulo). Although not having the majority of the company shares, TMG II PE Fund has the managerial control of the company.

Identified opportunities and investment

The credit bureau industry worldwide is characterized by consistent high profitability and returns on capital due to a strong business model with high local barriers to entry, strong network effects and capital efficiency. TMG Capital has identified that the demand for this type of products and services is linked to the growth of the credit pool and overall economic activity in Brazil represent a particularly attractive investment opportunity.

Investment Thesis

In this first stage of investment, TMG Capital has focused value creation on the following efforts:

  • Developing the new executive team and identifying the strategic priorities for the company

    TMG Capital has led the implementation of a new management structure, and supported Boa Vista when hiring a new CEO and other top managers to strengthen the team inherited from the Associação Comercial de São Paulo (ACSP or “Commercial Association of São Paulo).

  • Restructuring the credit bureau industry in Brazil

    Under TMG Capital´s leadership Boa Vista merged in June 2011 with the Brazilian subsidiary of Equifax (NYSE: EFX), the #3 player in the market while helping TMG II PE Fund to retain management control of the combined entity. This transaction offers Boa Vista revenue synergies as it will be able to introduce locally the global solutions developed by Equifax.

  • Development of new products and services

    Boa Vista is currently investing in developing new products and services to meet the opportunities unlocked by the growth of the Brazilian credit market. The use of positive data (approved by the Brazilian authorities in 2011) represents a major opportunity for Boa Vista and its customers to enhance their knowledge of borrowers and opens the doors for a whole generation of new products and services.

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