TMG I, the first international Private Equity Fund advised by the company that preceded TMG Capital, achieved a 16.0x multiple on invested capital in Brazilian Reais (R$) and an internal return rate of 47.4% per year, without financial leverage. In US Dollars, the multiple on invested capital was of 12.4x with an internal return rate of 40.0% per year.

Some of the most important investments of TMG I are profiled here

  • Odontoprev is the leading company in the Brazilian Dental Healthcare segment. TMG I PE Fund invested in the company in 1998 and became the controlling shareholder. Odontoprev was at the time the fifth largest player in Brazil, with approximately 90,000 covered lives. By the time TMG exited this investment through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2006, Odontoprev had become the undisputed market leader, with market share equal to the next four largest competitors combined. Over the eight years under TMG’s advising, Odontoprev achieved average annual growth rates in terms of lives, revenue and EBITDA of 42%, 40% and 52%, respectively.To find out more please click here

  • Softway Contact Center was the largest independent call center operator in Brazil when it was sold in 2007 to Tivit, a technology company owned by the Votorantim group. At that time, all the other call centers in Brazil were linked to telecom companies. During the seven years that Softway was owned by TMG I PE Fund and advised by the preceding company of TMG Capital, the company had average annual growth in terms of employees, revenue and EBITDA of 37%, 44% and 46%, respectively.To find out more please click here

  • TMG I Fund invested in Conductor, the largest Private Label credit card processor in Brazil. The company processes over 11 million credit cards for retailers in the main Brazilian regions. Advised since 2001 by the preceding company of TMG Capital, TMG I Fund has seen Conductor´s net income, and EBITDA grow at average annual rates of 51%, 27% and 37%, respectively.To find out more please click here

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