TMG Capital is recognized by its disciplined investment analysis and by its capability to work side by side with Private Equity funds on investee companies. In addition to this TMG provides:

  • Strong deal flow
  • Solid know-how of the Brazilian market
  • A team with diversified and complementary professional experiences
  • Well tested competencies in closing and exiting successful deals
  • A consistent track-record and investment returns well above market standards
  • A strategic partnership with The Invus Group

Strong deal flow

With a strong reputation built over more than a decade of operations TMG Capital has access to a strong flow of companies for prospection, with our whole team taking an active role in sourcing investment opportunities. Therefore TMG Capital´s origination has both an opportunistic component based on the investment opportunities presented by different agents of the market and a strategic element, when TMG proactively searches for target companies, based on previous analysis and proprietary investment research.

Solid know how of the Brazilian market

TMG Capital is focused exclusively on the Brazilian market. Such focus fully leverages TMG´s team experience in running their own companies, as well as managing the Brazilian operations of large national and multinational companies.

TMG Capital has also supported the development of the local PE industry by disseminating knowledge about Brazilian opportunities through the formation of the “Centro de Estudos de Private Equity da Fundação Getúlio Vargas” (GVCepe), a local Private Equity research center and by participating in the creation of EMPEA (“Emerging Market Private Equity Association”), based on Washington, DC, USA.

In order to find out more about GVCepe, please go to (http://www.fgv.br/cepe/)
In order to find out more about EMPEA, please go to (http://www.empea.net/)

Diversified and complementary professional experience

TMG Capital’s partners have many years of operating and managerial experience in leading national and multinational companies in Brazil. They also have experience in actively acting on the boards of publicly traded and private companies. Among their sectors of expertise it is possible to highlight Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, IT, Telecom Services, Agribusiness, Management Consulting, Consumer Goods, Food, Textile, Apparel, Education, Biotechnology, Information Services, Oil and Gas and Decision Analytics.

Well tested competencies on investment execution

TMG Capital´s partners have led successful investments on companies at all levels of developments including venture capital, acquisitions and turnaround of distressed companies, and divestitures via Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or via a strategic sale.

Consistent track-record and investment returns well above market standards

TMG Capital has a consistent track record even during periods of high volatility in Brazil and the world, indicating low correlation with different markets. Returns have also been higher in funds advised by TMG than most of those of similar vintage.


Strategic Partnership with the Invus Group

TMG Capital has a strategic relationship with The Invus Group in order to cooperate in cross-border deal flow, whenever it makes sense for a Brazilian company, and to incorporate global learnings in managing Brazilian opportunities. The Invus Group is the anchor investor of some important PE funds advised by TMG.

In order to find out more about the Invus Group please go to: (www.invus.com)


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