Founded in 2000 by Masters and PhDs in computer science, mathematics and artificial intelligence, NeuroTech is a company that provides Analytics solutions in Big Data to support its clients in business decisions that require the analysis of massive amounts of information.

In its history NeuroTech has been successful in attracting and retaining talent. The Company was incubated in the Pernambuco Federal University (“UFPE”). Its headquarters are located in the Porto Digital area (Recife, state of Pernambuco), a region perceived as the "Brazilian Northeast Silicon Valley”.

Neurotech´s decision platform is called “RiskPack”. It integrates modular solutions for data gathering, modeling, scoring, fraud analysis, workflow analysis and risk monitoring. Solutions are all packed in a user friendly interface.

NeuroTech’s solutions are perceived and recognized by the industry as the most complete offer in Analytics and better applied to Brazilian markets, a position conquered by its competence of efficiently connecting academic talents to real business applications. Currently NT allocates 85% of its 136 employees to innovation (new products) and technology development (modeling, developing and implementation). Acting in several segments of the Brazilian economy, the company has a leading position in the credit and financial services industries.

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São Paulo Phone: 55 11 4064-5050

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