Investment Profile

TMG Capital has the flexibility to work with different types of opportunities. However, its priorities are sectors that could benefit from the development of the country and/or sectors that leverage Brazil’s competitive advantages.

TMG Capital works together with the original shareholders of the investee companies looking for an optimal capital structure and the perfect alignment and capture of future value creation opportunities. TMG has a responsible posture towards medium and long-term goals of the companies it supports and avoids the use of financial leverage as a means to increase returns without fully accounting for the risks implied.

TMG works with two main investment theses:

  • Consolidation and Growth: Investments in attractive companies which are in fragmented sectors and will serve as consolidation platforms for several acquisitions aiming at value creation by capturing scale benefits and market leadership.
  • Strategic Capital: Investments in companies looking for capital and strategic partners to leverage their market position for additional growth, improve corporate governance levels and management practices and ultimately become better prepared for an Initial Public Offering or strategic sale.


São Paulo Phone: 55 11 4064-5050

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