TMG Capital

Established in 1997 by Luiz Francisco Novelli Viana, a well-known Brazilian businessman, TMG Capital is a leading firm that provides services to international Private Equity (PE) funds that intend to invest locally in companies that have the potential to consolidate their market and expand their business.

TMG Capital has demonstrated that it can support Private Equity investors in:

(i) Deal prospection through deep analysis and investigation of potential companies to be invested;

(ii) Leading the due diligence and documentation required for a successful acquisition or exit;

(iii) Monitoring companies in a PE´s portfolio;

(iv) Contracting and coordination of complementary local services and;

(v) Analysis and research of exit strategies for the companies in a PE´s portfolio.

In TMG’s style of investing and business building, each company is unique. As a result in the strategy and implementation plan required to achieve extraordinary performance to support this process of value creation, TMG Capital leverages its main asset namely an investment team formed by complementary profiles and competencies. It is also intrinsic to TMG Capital’s approach to always work side by side with the management teams of all investee companies, aiming at sustainable growth over the medium and long term.

TMG I, the first international Private Equity fund that was advised by the company that preceded TMG Capital achieved a multiple of invested capital of 15x in Brazilian Reais (R$) and an internal return rate of 47% per year without financial leverage. In US Dollars the multiple of invested capital was of 12x with an internal return rate of 40% per year.

Today TMG Capital advises the international PE funds TMG II Private Equity Fund LP and Credibureau LP combined with commitments of US$ 375 million.

In 2012 TMG entered into a strategic cooperative relationship with IFA, an international consultant firm, to further strengthen its capabilities. IFA is led by Sacha Lainovic who was co-founder and executive vice president for 22 years at The Invus Group, a global private equity group with over US$ 4 billion of assets under management and one of the best return performances in the sector.

Over Sacha’s 22 year tenure at The Invus Group the firm made over 60 control investments. Examples of buy-out investments include the US$ 735 million acquisition of Weight Watchers International from the H.J. Heinz Company in September 1999. The Invus Group invested approximately US$ 212 million of equity in the transaction and to date has realized approximately US$ 2.3 billion in total proceeds, while retaining an approximately 55% share in the company, whose current market capitalization is around US$ 4 billion.

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