TMG II and Credibureau

TMG Capital has supported TMG II Private Equity Fund LP since 2008. In 2010 TMG Capital also started advising the co-investment fund Credibureau LP. These funds have a combined committed capital of US$ 375 million. In October 2010 TMG Capital recommended these funds to invest a portion of this aggregated capital commitment in Boa Vista Serviços.

  • Established in 1976 under the name of Biobrás, the Company initiated its activities with the production of animal insulin with technology developed through a joint venture with Eli Lilly. Biobrás became a listed company in the São Paulo’s Stock Exchange and 1983 the Company acquired the control of the joint venture. It expanded its market providing insulin to the Brazilian and foreign markets, being able to compete directly with global insulin producers Novo Nordisk, Sanofi-Aventis and Eli Lilly. To find out more please click here

  • Boa Vista Serviços is the second largest credit bureau in Brazil, serving over 1.2 million direct and indirect customers and running over 7 million credit inquiries per day. Boa Vista has a database built on a national network of hundreds of organizations representing the Brazilian retail market, providing instant and reliable support for companies in all stages of the business cycle. As part of TMG II Private Equity Fund and Credibureau´s investment, Boa Vista was created as a new company in 2010 through the demutualization of the Serviço Central de Proteção ao Crédito (SCPC), a division of the Associação Comercial de São Paulo (ACSP or “Commercial Association of São Paulo). Although not having the majority of the company shares, TMG II PE Fund has the managerial control of the company. To find out more please click here

  • Founded in 2000 by Masters and PhDs in computer science, mathematics and artificial intelligence, NeuroTech is a company that provides Analytics solutions in Big Data to support its clients in business decisions that require the analysis of massive amounts of information. To find out more please click here

  • On February 2014 TMG invested on OQVestir, the leading on-line retailer in full-price upscale women´s apparel in Brazil, with a portfolio of more than 180 luxury brands. OQVestir was established on 2009 by local entrepreneurs offering Brazilian consumers a high quality online retail experience, initially focusing on woman’s apparel, and successfully expanding to luxury shoes and accessories as well as successfully introducing its own higher margin private label products. To find out more please click here

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